30 March 2009

we found nemo.


gummy clown fish courtesy of a drunk jessie's cravings and the gourmet market on mass. ave. in porter. (these have been sitting on my coffee table for a week or so.)

it's dreary outside, but i'd rather it be dreary and warmish than snowing and pretty.  it's almost april and i can honestly say that i've never, eeever been so happy to put a winter behind me as i am this spring.  winter of '09, you are officially going down in the record books as the worst three months i've experienced consecutively, ever.  as a result, this spring is going to be phenomenal. i can feel it.

anyways! april is so soon, which means that the wifey's birthday is so soon (cough thursday).  i got her an awesome birthday gift. (she does read this little blurb occasionally, however, so i'll wait until after she gets her present to talk about the gift and the ridiculous place where i found it.)

today is all about figuring out unemployment stuff (which never seems to end, ugh), eating a sandwich, going to the gym and returning my sad minnetonka's to nordstrom.  tomorrow i'm getting a much-anticipated haircut at marc harris with my girl rogue.  i can't decide if i should do something drastic or just get a trim.  we'll see.

oh, also! speaking of hair! los recently went to shag in south boston to be a hair model and came home with a gorgeous, newly red-hued head of hair.  (she was blonde/dirty blonde before and wanted a change.)  the deal is you go in and you have to be open with color options and the stylist literally has a field day making your hair look pretty in different colors.  los' hair looks so good that i was seriously considering doing it myself (i've been wanting to dye my hair for awhile now) but my locks are fiiinally back to their natural color and i feel like i should be kind to them for a bit.  so, to anyone who's looking for a change on the cheap, head over to shag and offer your scalp up for hair model services.  it's fun, free, and you'll look pretty bangin'.

...and now i have to go be a productive grown-up.  on a rainy day.  lame. 

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