29 May 2009

au revoir simone, you are so adorable.

tonight was TPB's first double-header and i spent the night bouncing back and forth between downstairs at the middle east and tt the bear's to see kayo dot and au revoir simone.  this is also after i danced amongst broken champagne flutes and beautiful people to the lo-fi hedonistic beats of bodega girls.  i promise i'll post more on the bands later at tea party boston, but 'til then...

we're taking this shit viral, i'm exhausted, and i feel like a woman on the verge.

27 May 2009

hil on 3buckBites, this time with pizza!

hey friends.  check out my weekly bit over at 3 Buck Bites for some cheap, deliciously tempting morsels.  this week: the best and undoubtedly cheapest pizza in the city, haymarket pizza.

each one of these massive, topping-heavy slices? $1.75.  we go way back, haymarket and me.

click here for the full blurb.  who's going to bodega girls at middlesex tonight?  it's free, it's at 9pm and it's the best hedonistic dance party you could ever hope to attend.  i'm assuming you want in on that, kiddos.

26 May 2009

what my memorial day looked like:

yesterday, ten or so of my favorite people came over and we made margaritas, deviled eggs and a massive, MASSIVE pile of rib eyes and filets.  and then we ate and imbibed and vogue-offed with my neighbors and all their lovely friends on my roof until well after the sun went down.

as always, photos provided by the lovely gab.

happy summer, everybody :)

24 May 2009

¡coming soon!

so, we're onto something big, kids.


keep it on the refresh for the next couple of weeks, as our official launch is approaching and we want to make sure you get in on the local music exclusives/late night dance floor photo shoots/gilly impressions.

[these photos were snapped by gab at the magic magic/hallelujah the hills show at the middle east friday night.  both bands were phenomenal, go check them out immediately.]

i fucking love being 23.

tonight, jessie and i rode our bikes down hampshire street and into central square and met up with our friends as they were stumbling out of the bank of america atm on mass ave.  we went to zuzu's, as it was soullelujah night, and danced like maniacs to motown until 2:30 am.  we then threw champ (the bike's name is champ, we've decided) into the back of christoph's car, stopped at the 24-hour shaw's down the street from my house for fixin's, and headed back to my place for grilled cheeses and mojitos on my roof until about 5 minutes ago.

had you asked me five months ago whether or not i could feel this excruciatingly happy i probably would've looked at you like you were a crazy person.  that was then, this is now, and excruciatingly, insatiably happy doesn't even begin to cover it.

21 May 2009

hil's exclusive interview with the love language at chicks with guns!

about a month ago, jessie, kevin, christoph, steve and myself ran on over to tt the bear's for a rowdy evening of some good old fashioned garage rock fun.  we were lucky enough to chat up some members of the band while we were there, seeing as tt's is one of the smallest venues, um, ever, and jessie was able to snap some gorgeous photos.  i wrote it all up in an exclusive q+a with stu mcclamb, the love language's ring leader, and you can find the interview here at chicks with guns magazine.

in the meantime, here are the shots posted in the article of jessie's for your viewing pleasure.  i think these pictures came out so well.  well done, darling!

the brothers mcclamb: stu mcclamb to the left, jordan mcclamb to the right.

keyboardist/every hipster boy's dream date, missy thangs.

the whole gang onstage at tt the bear's place, 23 April 2009.

so who's going to see holy fuck with kevin and i at tt's? anyone?

19 May 2009

hil on 3buckBites!

hey! guys! i'm a contributor over at 3 buck bites, a site which all of you who love to eat and love to do so cheaply should go check out.  my first blurb just got posted and it's on the "dollar" burger over at bukowski, and if you guys have been reading this blog/have been hanging out with me on the regular you know that bukowski is kind of my local haunt.

here's my blurb on the burger and here's the burger itself in all its glory.


(ps: i know i've been slacking horribly in the blogging department, i'm sorryyy! expect a very, very heavy music post in the near future detailling our exploits at recent shows for the sounds, thao with the get down stay down, and potentially holy fuck.)

18 May 2009

allergies 1, hil 0.

if i sneeze one more time i'm pretty sure my nose is going to fall off and my eyes are going to pop out of my head.  just ask jessie.  this is getting ridiculous.

this definitely cheered me up, though.

10 May 2009

happy mother's day :)

to the mommy person on mother's day:

[hil and mom circa 1987]

you're great.  thanks for being you.  i love you more than dog brain and pickle pie.  also thanks for helping me make the flan for dinner tonight because as much as we'd like to pretend that we're capable of doing stuff without you it's kind of a joke because you wind up fixing everything anyway.


your beanie.

06 May 2009

¡cinco de mustache! en fotos.

though i'm officially typing this in the wee hours of the morning of the 6th of May, i figured i'd share with you snapshots for the crazy mexican feast that just demolished my apartment in celebration of cinco de mayo.  aka cinco de mustache.  for whatever reason, we decided to have a mustache party for cinco de mayo, and my silly, silly friends under the influence of cuervo especial thought it would be funny to take their adhesive mustaches and smush 'em all up on every surface of my apartment like this: 

and this:

and this:

and this.

(i promise you that that brazilian carnavale dancer was not sporting sick facial hair before approximately 10pm this evening.)

and they were right.  as i was cleaning up the carnage of crusty refried beans and the remnants of a guacamole bowl that may as well have been licked clean, i laughed my ass off as i found mustache after mustache mysteriously stuck to the counters and walls of my place.  i love my friends so much.

04 May 2009

what?! MAY!?

agh agh agh i love how it's been like, a couple of days and i feel incredibly lazy and silly for not posting anything at all.  it's because i've simply been too busy ---

a) celebrating the birth of marcy, which resulted in a plethora of fresh vanilla bean and strawberry cupcakes prepared by los and myself, a disturbingly delicious meal at the border cafe which was COMPLETELY picked up by one of our incredibly generous friends [how tacky am i for drawing attention to this? so tacky], a midnight showing of "the rocky horror picture show" at the amc harvard cinema and a snuggle fest with three of the silliest people i know until the sun came up.  [i do not mean anything dirty by snuggle fest.  we literally all piled into my bed and four-way spooned and tickled each other like goofballs.]

b) getting stuff together for a future venture involving miss gab and miss jessie YAY YOUNG ENTREPRENEURSHIP 


d) riding my bike.   seriously. i think i'm in love.

e) picking proverbial scabs.  not literal ones.  more on this later.

f) debating as to whether or not i'm going to take out my nose ring.  with mother's day coming up it seems like the perfect time.  suspense ensues.

g) painting!

h) not transcribing the interviews/writing up cd reviews for CWG/applying for more jobs as i should be doing. facepalm.

i promise a real entry will follow at some point tomorrow.  in the meantime, i sleep.