06 May 2009

¡cinco de mustache! en fotos.

though i'm officially typing this in the wee hours of the morning of the 6th of May, i figured i'd share with you snapshots for the crazy mexican feast that just demolished my apartment in celebration of cinco de mayo.  aka cinco de mustache.  for whatever reason, we decided to have a mustache party for cinco de mayo, and my silly, silly friends under the influence of cuervo especial thought it would be funny to take their adhesive mustaches and smush 'em all up on every surface of my apartment like this: 

and this:

and this:

and this.

(i promise you that that brazilian carnavale dancer was not sporting sick facial hair before approximately 10pm this evening.)

and they were right.  as i was cleaning up the carnage of crusty refried beans and the remnants of a guacamole bowl that may as well have been licked clean, i laughed my ass off as i found mustache after mustache mysteriously stuck to the counters and walls of my place.  i love my friends so much.

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