19 May 2009

hil on 3buckBites!

hey! guys! i'm a contributor over at 3 buck bites, a site which all of you who love to eat and love to do so cheaply should go check out.  my first blurb just got posted and it's on the "dollar" burger over at bukowski, and if you guys have been reading this blog/have been hanging out with me on the regular you know that bukowski is kind of my local haunt.

here's my blurb on the burger and here's the burger itself in all its glory.


(ps: i know i've been slacking horribly in the blogging department, i'm sorryyy! expect a very, very heavy music post in the near future detailling our exploits at recent shows for the sounds, thao with the get down stay down, and potentially holy fuck.)

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  1. dollar burgers and holy fuck plz!! what is this potentially nonsense?