21 May 2009

hil's exclusive interview with the love language at chicks with guns!

about a month ago, jessie, kevin, christoph, steve and myself ran on over to tt the bear's for a rowdy evening of some good old fashioned garage rock fun.  we were lucky enough to chat up some members of the band while we were there, seeing as tt's is one of the smallest venues, um, ever, and jessie was able to snap some gorgeous photos.  i wrote it all up in an exclusive q+a with stu mcclamb, the love language's ring leader, and you can find the interview here at chicks with guns magazine.

in the meantime, here are the shots posted in the article of jessie's for your viewing pleasure.  i think these pictures came out so well.  well done, darling!

the brothers mcclamb: stu mcclamb to the left, jordan mcclamb to the right.

keyboardist/every hipster boy's dream date, missy thangs.

the whole gang onstage at tt the bear's place, 23 April 2009.

so who's going to see holy fuck with kevin and i at tt's? anyone?

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  1. this totally merits a Kevin tag.
    BITCHIN interview, btw. you did me/them proud :p