02 March 2009

vicky cristina barcelona: a big fat ¡GRACIAS! to mr. allen.

i saw "vicky cristina barcelona" last summer with Los and the latest Woody Allen flick quickly registered on the list of my favorite movies of all time.  yeah, i love spain, and yeah, i think that penelope cruz is an incredibly vibrant talent, but the film themes of romantic escapism and the temperal, transient nature of love really hit home for me.  seeing as i'm currently snowed in and have yet to leave my apartment today, i opted to watch "vicky cristina barcelona" while getting ready for a sledding date and brookline and now i can't stop thinking about cristina (played by the boticelli-esque scarlett johannson) and her search for love.  the narrator's initial description of cristina is as follows:

"she had reluctantly accepted suffering as an inevitable component of passion, and was resigned to putting her feelings at risk.  if you asked her what it was she was gambling her emotions on to win, she would not have been able to say."

sooo yeah.  if there's any block of text already written that could describe me and how i would sum up my feelings on the past few months of my life, it would be the quote above.  i guess it's a conclusion i've come to a little too late and i wish that things could be different, but what's done is done and it's kind of silly that it took a snowed in screening of woody allen's oscar winning blockbuster to show me that.

and now, cruz as maria elena in all her glory:

(image ganked from boston.com.)

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