04 March 2009

things that make me smile like this:

(this would be jessie and i ringing in the new year. do excuse her devil eye/my vivid slash of guns n' roses/velvet revolver impression.)

+ impromptu hookah parties in my apartment with fantastic, lovely people and fantastic, lovely conversation.  extra points for rose, jasmine and pomegranate flavored shisha.

+ sunny days after snow days: yeah, it sucks that it's cold and yeah, it sucks that i need to leap over a mound of snow half my size in order to get into and out of my apartment every day, but you can't deny that today wasn't a beautiful one in suffolk county.

+ celebrating los' return to the dark side (read: she gave up being a vegetarian) with a massive feast at redbones.  steak tips and mac n' cheese? yes yes and good god yes.

+ FINALLY FINDING A COPY OF RUSSIAN VOGUE.  i have a collection of vogues from around the world and want a copy of vogue in every language/region it's in print. i've been looking for the russian edition for ages and i can't stomach spending the $300+ for a yearly, imported subscription to it.  there are 19 editions of the magazine released across the globe, and the international editions i've got so far hail from the us, uk, italy, australia, spain, portugal, brazil, germany, greece, japan and now russia.  vogues left to obtain: india, mexico, china, canada, switzerland, korea, taiwan and france.  (france and canada i can totally pick up at the borders in downtown crossing.  india and korea?  not so much.)

+ "watchmen" is playing at the somerville theatre on its opening night (which is next thursday, for those of you who have been living underneath a massive, massive rock.)  i'm buying a whole chunk o' tickets tomorrow and making an event of it next week with some wonderful people.  check back for a review later (of the movie, not the people.  oh, i'm so witty, yuck yuck.  facepalm.) 

+ the novelty of the gigantic map of south america currently shackin' up in my living room hasn't worn off yet.  i don't know if it ever well.  le sigh.

+ i finally picked up a copy of david foster wallace's infinite jest and i can't wait to start reading it.   i plan on spending a hefty chunk of my day tomorrow downing lattes at bloc 11 and picking few the first hundred pages or so of this whopper.  (the book is a behemoth at 981 pages.) 

the long and short of it: today was a great tuesday.  how was yours?


  1. When I see my eye in that picture, Satan Says Dance plays in my head.