21 March 2009

my rockstar friends are, like, soooo dreamy.

photo courtesy of mcalister drive's myspace, which can be found here.

i've been kind of bouncing around like a crazy person this week, so i haven't had the chance to write up a decent review of a fabulous lil' show i attended at bill's bar last weekend.   a week ago today, jessie and i dolled ourselves up and scooted over to see the supremely talented val emmich and the adorable poppy-punky-hearts-a-fluttery musical stylings of our friends mcalister drive.

a few things about the show, the venue and crowd in general:

1) i may be biased in saying this seeing as these guys are pals of mine, but mcalister drive is a breath of fun, fresh air in a sea of brooding hipsters wailing about their ex-girlfriends while clutching their teles to their chests.  the band of buddies hails mostly from the greater boston area and they sold out three shows (three!) before their appearance at bill's last saturday, so things are only looking up for the foursome from here.  their recently recorded "i wish i knew" is up on their myspace, so give 'em a listen and getcha dancin' shoes on.

2) val emmich was f*cking fantastic.  i'm kind of a sucker for anything remotely rockabilly, and emmich, who's kinda blowing up right now and getting his tracks featured on "ugly betty" episodes and everything, definitely delivers in the rustic/twangy/sultry/steel-stringed grit department.  i haven't been able to take "hurt more later" off repeat on my iTunes since last saturday, so give that a listen, too.

3) bartenders at bill's bar: you pour shitty beer and your attitudes suck.  i'm not a fan of you, and i don't plan on buying drinks from you or tipping you if i'm back for a show in the near future.  the guy who served us was rude/borderline aggressive and the guinness i had before the show was the worst pint in HISTORY.  granted, it's not like i was there for the beer and i wouldn't recommend bill's bar anyway unless you're going to see a band in particular due to its landsdowne location, but the service and the drinks were just bad. juuuust bad. 

today, i met up with meg, my childhood bestfriend/neighbor/partner in crime, and we spent over three hours chatting it up in the vault room at bloc 11.  tonight, pato and jessie and i are making a scrumptious cuban dinner and then heading out in the night to do stupid things, most likely.

how's your weekend?

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