30 March 2009

rainy day mixtape tiiiiime.

image courtesy of the posh peddler.

songs that i'm listening to on repeat when it's galoshes and umbrella time:

+we are not a football team, minus the bear: because it's good for walking on the sidewalk and splashing through puddles on accident.

+dreams old men dream, cold war kids: because it's a perfect blend of discordant and comforting.

+fidelity, regina spektor: because you need something chipper if it's real, real nasty out. that, and i recently re-discovered spektor's 2006 release and have subsequently re-ignited that torch i'm carrying for the piano playing empress of the east village.

+skinny love, bon iver: because yeah, this may be the quintessential break up song, but this heartbreaker is the definition of melancholy. also, it sounds best when you're inside and there's one of those awful cinematic moments brewing where you look out a window that's being beaten by raindrops. [well helloooo, emo. haha.]

+silver lining, rilo kiley: because clouds have to dissipate SOMEtime.  also, rilo kiley is the best for combatting nasty

+lost coastlines, okkervil river: because this song would be PERFECT to listen to if it stops raining when it's still light out and you can see the sun reappear.  PERFECT, i say.  don't believe me?  try it the next time you're walking down mass. ave. in the rain, or, preferably, over one of the bridges, and tell me it doesn't make you love your life.

+beast of burden, the rolling stones: because it's gentle, sad and ever-wanting. (also because it is my favorite rolling stones song, ever. ever ever ever.)

+dance dance dance (live), lykke li feat. bon iver: because a) live recordings are so much better than the studio track, in my book, anyway and b) this song is great and pairs two of 2008/2009's heavy hitters in a bubbly, big energy number.  this may inspire puddle jumping a la age 5.  many thanks to dan over at amfmpm for sharing the goods; head over to his blog for an exclusive listen.  (also, amfmpm is just great in general and you should check it out anyway.)

+santa maria da feira, devendra banhart: because this is another uplifting ditty whose chipper attitude transcends language barriers. (the lyrics are en espaƱol. amor.) i know i've swooned over banhart before, but gimme a break and give it a listen.

+thick as thieves, weak end with no end: because this is another gritty but pretty track which reminds all of us that it's gotta get a little murky before the light.  i like cambridge, i like these guys from cambridge, and i can't wait to see them and hear this song live. preferably in cambridge. they ARE playing upstairs at the middle east in april, so we'll see.

what're you guys listening to when the weather outside is frightful and you've got no fireplace to make you feel delightful so you turn up the volume?  share.


  1. watch raindrops fall down the window music:

  2. good riding in the car in the rain music: