20 April 2009


i am a very grumpy hil right now.

it's marathon monday, and instead of wearing my sweet new sweatband and tube socks and slapping runners high-fives along beacon street today, i am home, on my couch, wearing my sweet new sweatband and making tea and sippin' on chicken soup instead of cold brewskis and sulking while watching benson and stabler bust the bad guys on Law & Order: SVU.  i have a sunburn,  a runny nose and an awful sore throat.  long story short? hil is not joining the throngs of revelers and her friends in back bay/brookline today.  hil is moping and sniffling and chowing down tylenol and airborne and not enjoying herself.

these pictures from wine riot/mcalister drive/the mcalister drive afterparty extravaganza that jessie snapped with her gorgeous new camera the other night do make me feel better, however:

"wino forever" fake tatz at wine riot. yessss.

these mustachioed glasses will remain prized possessions in my apartment forever.  so ludicrous. hahaha.

our friends are like suuuuuuch dreamy rockstars.  here's christoph rockin' out.

and here's me and jessie after a round or two of beer pong.  if there was a "lolhipsterz" blog, i wouldn't be surprised if this made it with a big ol' "SWOOP BANGZ OM NOM NOM" on it.

so yeah.  go drink cheap beer and work on your fitness for me on marathon monday on my behalf, all you lucky bastards out there who don't have awful head colds.


  1. wow. way to steal my om nom nom idea.
    go chime in on my recent post!
    cant wait for love language

  2. imitation is the highest form of flattery kevbo. LOVE LANGUAGE YESSSSAH.


    actually I'm in most of these. but I took the one of christoph and that is clearly the best one.

  4. atleast you got to wear the sweet headband.