14 April 2009


hey sports fans, guess what? MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY IS NEXT WEEK!  (and no, i'm not talking about it being christmas morning for stoners everywhere, aka 4/20).  i'm talking about MARATHON MONDAY!  my best friends from new york and i drove up for it last year because one of said best friends had a sister with an apartment on beacon street in brookline.  we could literally stumble out her front door with beer in hand and slap high-fives with runners before their last mile.  AWESOME.  

this year, best friend's sister sadly no longer resides in the same sweet digs, but jessie lives relatively close to the marathon route and we're going to chow down a spaghetti and meatball spread (runners need those carbs, man) and then mosey on over to beacon to cheer those athletically superior marathon runners on.... in STYLE.  our marathon monday party will only consist of those donning 80s track star/gym class get-ups inspired by the likes of these icons:

larry bird

bjorn borg

and the woman responsible for the creation of the most awkward music video in history...

olivia newton john.

today i was able to score some sweet tube socks, gym shorts and a sweatband/headband from american apparel on my way back from an afternoon screening of "adventureland".  (someone needs to tell jesse eisenberg that he was clearly the runner-up for michael cera's part, as the movie was clearly written for everyone's favorite fictional teenage father/awkward high school heart throb.  just sayin'.)  i'm wearing this beautiful red baby out to dinner tonight because i haven't been able to take it off since i bought it: 

whatever, at least i got the 'fro to go with it.  i plan on rockin' this until the last person crosses the finish line (which very well may be a full 24 hours after the whole shebang is "over".  see?! such excitement.  too bad it's only once a year.)


  1. your hair looks fab. i'm going to see if i can finagle calling out marathon monday.

  2. hahaha i have my own tag

  3. I have to say that I found Jesse Eisenberg rather endearing... especially during that "you broke my heart" scene. I was misty.

    Ian ;-)