10 April 2009

Lake Street Dive: ¡LISTEN TO THEM! ¡NOW!

[first of all: sorry for the grumpy post yesterday.  had to get it out. today's perfect springtimeyness made me feel infinitely better.]


the sea monsters brought down the house at lizard lounge thursday night, but before their excellent, intimate performance in the famously carpeted basement of one of cambridge's favorite venues, lake street dive had every jaw in the packed house hitting the floor.   due to the sardine can-like seating conditions, my friend james and i were left standing next to one of the pillars and thus could only really see the bass player and the drummer, and as a result this review may be a little biased due to our proximity to lake street dive's rhythm section... but honestly, bridget kearney is one of THE MOST talented musicians i've seen. EVER.  it's not just the fact that the woman trounced the art of playing the upright bass, which in no easy feat.  kearney made that instrument an extension of her body and her energy was INSATIABLE.  the bass lines to each and every one of LSD's (lsd, haha) songs pulsed, swung, and drove the gorgeous, velvet voice of rachael price and the uplifting presence of mike olson, who plays trumpet and guitar.  mike calabrese's drumming was absolutely exceptional, and like i said, i'm probably biased towards his performance as well as kearney's due to the fact that we were so close to them and completely enthralled with their playing.  together, they're unshakeable, and we surely would have been dancing our asses off had we not been shoulder-to-shoulder with a group of our new favorite strangers.

lake street dive's next show in the area will be at toad in porter square on may 10th.  you better believe i'll be there, and you should be, too!  just give 'em a listen on itunes, or check out lake street dive's the panhandling song below.

anyways, last night was lovely, and i was lucky enough to spend time with my very best friends in the whole world who i haven't seen in months.  brittany and whitey are home for easter, and we beat the rain in my living room with drinks, hookah and candlelight in the company of los, marcy, davis and potter.  sometimes you just need to get back to your roots for a little bit to ground yourself, you know?

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