04 April 2009

new hair/new shows.

happy saturday, friends!

first things first: i went to marc harris yesterday and got a new 'do.  i kind of freaked at first about the amount of hair that wound up on the floor of the swanky newbury street salon, but i trust rogue with my tresses and every other girl out there with curly hair should, too, because the lady knows what she's doing.  anyways, here's me muggin' for you to show off my new mane.

in other news: i went to the middle east last night to meet up with my long-lost favorite former barista from my old starbucks that i used to frequent, justin, and a bunch of his friends to go see bishop allen play.  sadly, i didn't stick around for the headlining act as i had promised dance dance party timez to jessie, potter and davis, but i was there for team b's set as well as that of mt. st. helen's vietnam band. 

team b: lots of horns, very reminiscent of devotchka/gogol bordello/beirut with the upswings and tuba riffs.  the resemblance between the lead singer of team b and david foley of kids in the hall was super distracting.  seriously.  could be twins.  they were fun, anyway.

mt. st. helen's vietnam band: first of all, mshvb, your name is silly. second of all, is your lead singer secretly the lead singer from hot hot heat? because the vocals sound EXACTLY THE SAME.  i had fun dancing around during their set and loved their energy... the only head scratchers for me were the gigantic sleighbell sticks that the cute pixie-lookin' girl standing towards the righthand corner of the stage kept smacking the ground with.  i know you guys are trying to be indie and eyecatching and unique and all that, but c'mon.

the rest of my evening was that of any other friday: dancing like an idiot at phoenix landing with my best friends, followed by a hearty meal at the most delicious late night local eatery known to man.  today, i'm going to diesel to get some legit writing done (read: pen and paper style) and i'm FINALLY going to crack the binding on david foster wallace's infinite jest.  later, gym, and later, who knows. 

before i head over to davis, however, here's a list of shows i hope to attend in the near future.  there's a lot of good stuff coming to town, folks.

4/23: headlights feat. the love language at tt the bear's.  (kj is super, super excited about this show.  i'm super excited because i -gasp- have never been to tt's.)

5/08: etta james and the roots band with jesse dee at house of blues.  granted, i see jesse all the time at precinct, but he's opening for ETTA JAMES?! huge.  i also have yet to check out the hob's new digs over on landsdowne.  (i hate landsdowne, generally speaking, but for shows? not so bad.)

5/13: thao with the get down stay down at tt the bear's.  i've been wanting to catch thao live for awhile.  now is my chance. yay.

5/14: animal collective at house of blues.  rumor has it this is sold out already? mrowr? jessie and los were very stoked for it when we caught wind of the show a month or two ago. we'll see.

i'm sad because it looks like ozomatli cancelled their upcoming boston show :/ bummer.

anyways, it's nice outside! go play! (edit: it's not that nice outside. i walked to davis and it was blustery. ah well.  put on a sweater and a scarf and go play outside and bring an umbrella just in case, haha.)

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