12 April 2009

easter/french toast/wtf.

so marcy and i had an easter french toast breakfast today, which was delicious and everything, except for one thing: i somehow LOST an ENTIRE loaf of bread in between griddling the toast and putting the dishes away.  an ENTIRE LOAF.  marcy and i ripped apart my kitchen and it's nowhere to be found.  i remember tying the bag shut and putting it back on the counter, and that's it.  we literally stood there in my kitchen laughing hysterically, completely bewildered as to why the hell my whole wheat sprouted legs and walked off.  i wouldn't care so much if i wasn't still freaked about splinter moving in, though he hasn't made an appearance since his cameo in my kitchen a few sundays ago.... anyways, yeah.  WTF BREAD.  it's so absurd that it's hysterical.  i swear, i'd lose my head if it wasn't attached to my body.

today is all about cadbury eggs (which i have YET to consume this season, weird), dinner with the fam and who knows what else.  i may be heading back to the 'ville for the sea monsters tonight; i may stay up at the homestead instead.  who knows.  

happy easter, everybody :)

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