01 July 2009

oh hey oh man oh no oh wow!

hey friends.

i've been a really busy bee working on a ton of really interesting amazing stuff for go2, TeaParty Boston and Chicks with Guns, which means that chances are i'll be neglecting this lil' bloggity blog for a bit. it's not that i don't love you; it's that, frankly, i am way too busy to be interesting right now and the TeaParty launch is kind of eating my life in the best way possible. seriously, guys, jessie, gab and i can't wait to share this with you. it's shaping up to be pretty epic.

in other news: drivers in central square, slow the hell down. i got soaaaaked in the most comical way yesterday when i was walking from mass ave to jessie's place. i couldn't even be mad, it was that ridiculous.

also: my half birthday is tomorrow! red velvet cupcakes for everyone! if the rain breaks, i am totally cracking that saved bottle of veuve on the roof and eating cupcakes and anyone who's interested is welcome to join me.

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