08 July 2009

The Luxury CD Release at the Paradise Rock Club, Saturday 7/12!

so, jessie and i were lucky enough to sit down with Boston Brit Pop sensations The Luxury for girly drinks and fried pickles at Cambridge Common a couple of weeks ago. We're going to be attending their CD release for their sophomore album this saturday and we're super stoked for it, so come out to Allston and join us at the Paradise Rock Club and dance your face off.

steve borek and jason dunn of the luxury. photo credit: jessietron.

the interview is hysterical, guys. check it out at TeaParty Boston (it's the headlining article!) or click through here for a direct link to the interview.

in other news: TEAPARTY BOSTON LAUNCHED. well, softly. we've been building up to it for what seems like ages now. but it's UP! and OFFICIAL! yaaaaaaayz. i may go visit my darlings in new york for a smidge in the next couple of weeks which has been a LONG time coming, so that'll be nice. and there may be a weekend at a lakehouse in new hampshire in my future as well. long story short: it's nice to be hil this week :)

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