25 February 2009

¡vete pa'ca, primavera!

I.  WANT.  SPRING.  I want to trade in my bruised and beaten boots for pretty flats that don't have to fear the grimy salty, slushy mixture that's currently plastering the sidewalks of Somerville!  I want to be able to wear dresses without wooly tights and thick socks only to curse the blustery winds that keep my legs popsicle-like!  I want new galoshes that fit and a big red umbrella to combat April showers I plan on welcoming with open arms!  I want flowers and Marathon Monday and lighter jackets and outdoor markets and Easter candy and brunch outside! I. WANT. SPRIIIIIIIING!

phew. I feel better.  well, until I can have Spring in all it's blooming, busting-out-all-over glory, I'll settle for the following:

-Mozi's new collection of Casablanca candles.  I found my Gardenia-scented ones at Anthropologie a week or so ago and they've been burning ever since.  They throw great light and they smell amaaazing and kind of make me want to fill my apartment with bouquets of flowers and throw a makeshift garden party.  So girly, so sue me.

-That new Gabriella Cilmi song, "Sweet About Me".  This latest Australian import to the pop charts has a lot more grit on her vocal chords than Kylie and Natalie combined and her latest single is perfect for dancing away the winter doldrums in the privacy of your own apartment before braving the chill for a night out.  

-Each and every one of the champagne cocktails served up at The Beehive.  How can you turn down bubbly mixed with honey and the essence of elderflowers? I can't, that's for sure.  My personal favorite is La Vie en Rose, which is champagne and lychee-infused cognac, but you really can't go wrong with any of these fragrant, flirtatious concoctions.

-Floral headbands.  Right before my birthday a month or two ago, I had been lamenting about the pricey beauty of the headbands over at ban.do, namely #10, so Los, my infamous and almighty best friend, worked her creative wiles and gave me the lovely headpiece you see pictured in the previous post to celebrate my 23rd.  Basically, I want to wear that massive blossom on my dome every single day, rain or shine.

so, my darlings, what are YOU indulging in to beat your winter blues?  what are you looking forward to this spring?

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