26 February 2009

a day full of couch forts and law and order: svu reruns? yes.

so thiiiis is how i feel on this overcast thursday morning.  

on a whim, i opted to spend my wednesday night out and wound up boppin' my head like a maniac at the Bodega Girls dance party which took Middlesex in Central Square by storm last night.  Bodega Girls were fantastic: their beats were incredible, their energy was insatiable and the club was still packed with ironically-dancing hipsters hailing from every corner of Suffolk County when the lights went on long after last call.  they have a show coming up at Great Scott on March 10th and I stroooongly strongly strongly encourage anyone up for a rowdy night out complete with a bumpin' soundtrack ought to swing by the corner of Comm Ave and Harvard Ave in Allston that night.

in other news: Noir at the Charles Hotel is open until 2 on week nights.  made note of this last night with the band of merry ruffians i had spent the evening with at Middlesex, hence reason why I'm currently buried in blankets and pillows on my couch with a ginormous bottle of water within arm's reach.   i just made the biggest bowl of "hangover delight" (grilled chicken and sauteed baby 'bella mushrooms served over egg noodles in a garlic/oil/cheesy goodness) and i plan on hibernating until heading over to precinct tonight to check out a friend of a friend's band.  oh, to be 23 and unemployed!

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