19 April 2010

hello and goodbye from portland.

this is what my morning looks like right now (albeit far more calm and less shaky; forgive the impromptu Photobooth shot.) it's calm, cool and bright in portland.  i'm packing up the last of my stuff, heading down the street for some breakfast at the bread & ink, and then hopping on a bus and beginning the looooooooong (way longer than i thought) journey back to boston.  i'll be back in town tonight around midnight, if anyone wants to fetch a fair damsel from the airport :D

this trip was lovely and full of food and friends and beach and GREEN. this city is LUSH. natalie took some beautiful pictures i'll share with you once she gets 'em up on the ol' flickr.  we had three days of the definition of goooooooood.

oh, and we went to the sleepy beach town where they filmed The Goonies.

more later.



  1. hey!!
    the pics r awesome...i loved them...
    and all ur posts are pretty cool...