03 February 2010

i am currently daydreaming at my desk about:

1 - planning a european vacation for may.  even if es can't go due to her upcoming trip to the states, i may just book a week in lisbon or granada anyway.

2 - purchasing one of the neon-hued cashmere throws offered today on gilt.

3 - making myself breakfast in bed and reading the current issues of interview, vogue, rolling stone, esquire and vanity fair in one sitting.

4 - going back to flamenco or tango class.

5 - love; lust.

6 - having a snowed-in fellini marathon.

7 - heading up to the maine house with my guitar, some books, lots of tea and firewood.

8 - running off to bangkok to go visit potter with kevin.

9 - trying on cowboy boots and soaking up everything through my ears at SXSW.

10 - the bookshelves at strand.

well, that was an entirely unproductive hour.



  1. oh, i loooove this and I love the bookshelves at strang oh so much.

  2. kev - i'm not giving up on thailand. we need to get down there, if ANYTHING than to keep potter from the "dancing prawns."

    chelsea - you read my blog?! thaaaaanks! yours is great :) and yes, the trip to the strand was mad successful this time around and i picked up gogol and bolaño and chabon oh my!