05 December 2009

london: you make me happy.

i haven't uploaded photos yet, but i need to jot down SOMEthing about london because there's no way in hell i can go without documenting this incredible trip in some fashion or the other.

thursday: i arrived at heathrow, esme met me at the terminal with a chocolate orange in hand. we came back to her flat in east london, picked up a cheese plate on the way, made some tea and had proper girl talk/catch up time before going for an AMAZING indian feast on brick lane.

friday: sightseeing party timez. walked up and down the south bank, saw the london eye, st pauls, the millenium bridge, trafalgar sq, shopshopshopppped (absolute vintage on brick lane is MECCA), dined in covent garden, ran out for drinks in bank with esme's friend aj, spent the night dancing our faces off with suits galore until we piled into a black cab at 2am and came back and danced around with es and her dear friend aj to nina simone passing out.

today: slept in, went for breakfast in shoreditch at a gorgeous french spot called la vie en rose, stuffed our faces with eggs and toast and sausages and pan au chocolat, esme's sister sophie happened to be walking by and came in to say hello with her fiance, aj and esme and i got incredible coffee brewed on the street at broadway market and we moseyed through the most cheerful, gorgeous, treasure-filled flea market/food market/flower market for hours. we bought cakes, brought 'em back to es' flat and had tea. we're now watching grey's anatomy reruns [britain's a few seasons behind] and resting before going to sophie's christmas party and then out to dinner with es' friends.

tomorrow: our friend jon, who es and i worked with at an arts summer camp nearly five years ago, is gonna meet up with us and we'll stroll portobello road. and then we're going ice skating by the british museum, and then we're going for high tea at fortnum and mason.

the pictures i'm taking are great. i can't wait to share them with you.

seriously? this is exactly what i needed. thank you, london and esme!

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