12 November 2009

"because when a door closes in hilary jane hughes' life..."

a real proper update is coming soon as LOTS has been going on, but in the meantime i'll leave you with this because it's a) true and b) ridiculous, as andrea can literally get me laughing my butt off at the drop of a hat for no reason at all.

[10:19] Hilary: omgggg london cant come soon enough
[10:19] Hilary: and i bet you feel the same way about the bahamas
[10:19] Andrea: i do, girl.
[10:20] Andrea: but i just want to reiterate
[10:20] Andrea: that i am really excited for you
[10:20] Andrea: and THIS
[10:20] Andrea: is why
[10:20] Andrea: i dont worry about you.
[10:20] Andrea: because when a door closes in hilary jane hughes' life
[10:20] Andrea: she smashes open six windows and pulls the fire alarm.
[10:21] Hilary: HAHAHAHAHA.

i'm so, so lucky to have such incredibly wonderful people in my life who don't get going when the going gets tough.

oh, also, i'm going to london in three weeks. prooobably should've mentioned that. as i said earlier, more later, i promise. Xx H

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